Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My blog's been psycho on me all morning - finally I can write!

Today I've been cutting and sewing all morning, then I had to take a nap (I'm still sick). I'm making more BatBrat CatHat's.

The webshop is still unable, but I can make stuff anyway. Worst scenario is that I have to sell them via Facebook or something until shop is ready.


  1. i would LOVE to own a hat like this, it is just too adorable for words!!! ^v^

  2. Oh, I´d love a hat like this, let us now where you´re gonna sell them; I'll surely pick one!

  3. Good luck selling, all your products look great and lovely!
    Kiss =)

  4. you could also use!! (their slogan reads "your place to buy and sell all things handmade") Personally I love it!

  5. Yeah, that's a very good idea, check
    I trust that site and I think other people also would. I bought an awesome tightlacing corset there, handmade!