Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekly style: Morticia: EYEBROWS

As you might know I'm a big spokesman for goth not having eyebrows. I myself wax mine of with Veet (but since I'm fond of cheap things I use the one for legs and cut it myself instead of using the one for face).

BUT - the Morticia style is one style those of you who don't want to/or can't be wierd enough to have no brows easy can tap into. Perhaps your parents do not agree with your personal freedom or you need to look "normal" in the weeks because of your work. (We without brows can just paint them in Morticia-style).

Her brows is very typical for her time - wide apart, semi-thick and with a very nice pointy shape. A make up now more known as the Dita von Tease make up. You can clearly see the similaritys.
But then again - Dita used to be a goth girl long before meeting Marilyn...


  1. I've been planning to wax my brows for some time already, but still one thing stops me: I'm not really sure if I'm able to draw them well. Whenever I try to do lines with an eyeliner on my eyelids I fail...

  2. I've thought about shaving my eyebrows, but I'm with Rofocale. I don't think that I could draw them on right. Until my shaky hands calm and relax, I think that I'll stick with plucking mine into a form I can live with.

    I didn't seem that similarities between Morticia's make up and Dita's until I saw the pictures side by side. Nice catch!