Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weekly style: Morticia: LIPS

As the show is in black and white, one might still recognice Morticia is wearing a more pale red, perhaps a tiny bit towards the orange, because this was the fashion at the time. I believe so since the lips are not that dark. You might also see the same in her nails.

I myself prefer a more red going towards cerise. For this style I recommend the same color as Elizabeth Arden's Cranberry Cream 02.
I do NOT recommend Elizabeth Arden itself - it's overprized and make my lips dry. But this color is perfect for my skintone. Buy a cheap and good one instead. I bought mine on sale - otherwise I'd nerver would have bought it.

As lipliner I recommend Maybelline 54 Bordeaux. This is a perfect liner to the color in the Arden lipstick. Cheap too.

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