Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crane Day

The 25'th of March is the day Jesus mum Mary got notice from the archangel Gabriel that she was pregnant.
BUT today is also Crane Eve (tranafton), a folk-way from my home landscape. In the old times the kids ran barefoot (run crane) over 7 grounds and 9 dungheaps on the Crane eve. The saying is that if you do you will have a healthy summer and won't get snakebites.

"The crane brings light to bed" - you should go to bed while it was still light out and you no longer lit candles or used electricity in the evening.

The kids could dress up as cranes and go around sneaking crane cards to the neighbours. Also they painted cards of cranes to put on the window so the crane knew where to give gifts.

We celebrated by running barefoot 3 times around the playground. Then we painted pictures of the crane that we put on to the window. Then the kids hang their panyhose on the sofa. Tonight the crane will come and put presents and/or candy in them. When they wake up they can see his footprints and some feathers. It's very exiting for them! This is how I celebrated as a kid.

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  1. That's awesome! I've never heard of Tranafton before. It does sound fun!

    BTW, love your blog!