Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday: Funeral

Today I'm on my grandma (dads mum) Viola's funeral :(
Unfortunately I never met her that often since my parents split up when I was 3 years, and I only visited my dad every second weekend, and we rarely went to see his parents who lived outside of town.

But my memories of her is she was a kind person with a soft smile on her, had a wonderful name (our daughter Synthia is named Viola in second name), loved purple and always wore amber jewels. She was a diabetic so she baked this kind of soft pretzel with low sugar. I baked them the day after she died, and we decided to name them Viola Pretzels forever after. She had a good life with grandpa, who died about 2 years ago. My father and his wife was with her when she silently passed away and that really makes it feel better. I know she could feel their love <3

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  1. so sorry about that shes in a better place darling ;)........... in new york we love pretzels n.n

    smile like u always does love u !!