Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vince Festival

Just back from a meeting with the museum about the price on renting the yard for the Vince Festival (an electro festival in the spirit of image in honour of Vince Clarke, the starter of Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure amongst others). The festival runs only on culture contributions, so we need everything to be as cheap as possibly. I hope they will be as fair as they can. They both seemed very nice and helpful.

On the way back I just happened to pass a store I've never seen before, I went inside and found a store with dreads, jewellery and some other stuff that can be helpful at the festival. The girl seemed very interested in participating and selling her stuff in the area. I told her that of cause I need to point out on what to sell at an electro festival :) I felt the need since there was a LOTS of hardrock stuff - and that can't come near an electro festival! She was very understanding and sweet. Hopefully I will have her at the festival! Nice :)

Other good thing: the people who's to sell alcohol and food to the guests had nothing against wearing totally black clothing for the festival (I had it as an request). She even said: "you can put make up on us as well!" She should think that I might just take her up on that! To say that to me can be dangerous! :)

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