Monday, March 8, 2010

You are so pretty!

One thing that stikes me is how beautiful my followers are! I must have the most gorgeous people alive in here. I feel like I'm in very good company :) I'd like to be in a party with all of you pretties, all together! I really hope some of you will end up at this M'era Luna (Hildesheim, Germany). I will make a meeting point and a time for both Saturday and Sunday for the ones going there. So check in the week before travelling to Germany to find out where :)

My pretty sister will of cause be there with me <3


  1. Adora, I watch on Youtube since 2008, I think you're beautiful and you are very popular here in Brazil, a thousand kisses


  2. Dear Adora ♥ I'd like to go to the M'era Luna but I'm a bit far from there (I'm from Argentina :( )But let me tell you that you are like a goddes for me :D and it would be really exciting and, of course, a pleasure to meet you someday ^_^ Hope you have a great time at the M'era Luna with your sister. Love you both! Kisses :*

  3. Oh man, I so want to go to M'era Luna, I really really hope I can make it what with finding a babysitter ect. The meeting point idea is great, good times are ahead of us :)) *cheer*

  4. Adora, I would love to see you at M'era Luna, but unfortunately I live in Toronto :(
    So maybe next year ? ^-^"

    Kiss :*
    Gloomy Sunday (from facebook)

  5. Adora, you are absolutely amazing, as is your sis. I want to see more pictures of the two of you together. How bout a session with you 2 and Henrik Pilerud......... His work is LOVELY.........

  6. my dearest are PERFECT!!!
    I wish I could be like you my dear..u should visit Washington DC sometime!

  7. i want your hair!
    i live in spain not so far from germany but i can't go.. i want to.. maybe some day, i hope you have a fun time this year at the m'era luna and i want to see some pictures too you're always so beautifull and original! you're such a smart girl!! kisses ;)

  8. I plan to go to Mera Luna with my bf, this year, finally. the event looks awesome !!!