Saturday, April 3, 2010

About to hit my pillow. Today I've been at a nice dinner at a friends house. Between us we have 5 kids so you can imagine the action going on!

Later I did a test-make up and hair on a friend of mine who is gonna get married in May. She is an ex-electro goth and wanted to look less normal. She picked out a picture from a book and I tried to make her look just like it. She got so pretty! She looked just like Nina Hagen! SOOOO PRETTY <3 The best part was that she and her husband to be both really liked it, it made me very happy. They are just so in love - it's too cute.


  1. Hy Adora what is the tradition for Easter in your family ? kisses and have a nice Resurection of Jesus celebration!

  2. tack så fantastiskt mkt för sminkningen - du är mer än duktig! tack!!!