Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My fangs is beginning to be worn down and my old tentist works somewhere else, so I need to find another one who'll be nice enough to help me get new fangs.
I had a consulting meeting today, and most likely I will get a new one to re-make my fangs. He thought it was a very "interesting case"... bit odd, but doable.
Picture is NOT me!


  1. I'm planning to do my fangs for some time already, do you need to have big fang teeth naturally to do them or it doesn't really matter?

  2. It will certanly make them last longer I presume, but since you build on your teeth they doesn't have to be long to begin with. I used to have a perfect teeth line.

  3. Oh My God! That is sooo cool! I totally wish I could do that! But my mom said that she just got my braces off, so I have to go with the scarecrow ones. Your soo lucky!

  4. Dear Adora BatBrat. I want to get fangs, but I have to many questions about it! the dentist need to cut a little bit your theet to put the fangs? How is the procces? If you can tell me, please!

    P.S. I love youu! :)