Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flour on black

So..what is a goth princess doing on a Friday?
Apparently baking...
Today I've made cat cakes, oak cookies, a sponge cake for the birthday cake. Earlier this week I made egg-looking cakes, mini-semla and some heart cookies. I'm still 2 cookies off for the 7-cake-rule...(birthday cake doesn't count).
Tomorrow we'll have the relatives over to celebrate Fairlight who is turning 5 on Sunday and I will not follow the 7-cake-rule. WHAT?! ARE YOU CRAZY WOMAN!! Why is because I'll serve a small buffet as they arrive, and that plus 7 cakes and a birthday cake can be bit too much.. But for Sunday, at her cat-party with her daycare friends, I will make sure to serve 7!

Today we got a call from her doctor in Lund that told us her latest tests looked good, so now we'll reduce the Prednisolon from 1.25 milligrams every night, to just 1.25 every other night (she will still have her other medicines). She got so happy about it :)
(She suffers from a very rare form of a soft tissue rheumatic disease: Juvenile Dermatomyotosis, JDM).

Looking foward to see my family tomorrow :)


  1. Oh my... Fairlight is so cute! <3 I wish her all the best at sunday. Have a hap hap happy birthday. :D

  2. Hope Fairlight has a happy birthday! She looks so cute in that pic!

  3. :o you are a suuuuuper mom!!! happy birthday to your beautifull daugther!!!

  4. Your daughter is absolutely adorable.. My almost 4 year old would have a crush... ;) Thank you for sharing.

  5. she is so sweet! congratulations :D

  6. she is so pretty,hoped she had a wonderful birthday:)