Friday, April 23, 2010

Leather Strip tonight!

It's 16:20 and I will go to a concert with Leather Strip later! Wohoooo.
Just a small panik - I only have my foundation and rouge on, and it's less then 3 hours until we leave! Where's my brown paper bag?!

Right now I will make dinner - tonights special is fillet of beef served with home marinated tomatoes and a green salad. The kids will also have a potatoe gratin with garlic. I will of cause have red wine to the meat, and after it's "för-fest" (pre-party) while I do my make up. I will not, I reperat - NOT, be sober tonight.

Hopefully I will have some okay pictures to show...


  1. good for you enjoy this night!!! have fun for me too!! kiss

  2. What's bad about being sober? ;)

  3. i hope you have a great and fun nigth!! be carefull with the hangover jeje