Sunday, May 30, 2010

EUROVISION 2010 WINNER - GERMANY - Lena "Satellite"

Tonight I'm really happy for Germany's Lena who won Eurovision Song Contest. She was one of my fav's! Congratulation GERMANYYYY!!! My other fav's was Turkey and Ukraine.


  1. She's so cute! :*

    I could listen to this song all day. The lyrics are good too... I know that feeling. And I have painted my toenails. :)

    You have a great blog by the way!

  2. I didn't plan on watching the eurovision song contest, but somehow I stuck there while switching the channels, and felt something like irrational happiness when lena/germany won! :) and i liked the swedish guy who announced so brightly that sweden would give it's 12 points to lena :)

  3. I as a german girl am very happy that we haven't made fools out of ourselves this year,
    it hasn't happened since the early eighties that we won the Eurovision Song Contest and although I am usually not patriotic at all, this makes me a little proud :)

    I especially liked that the make up artists made her a little more goth-looking than usual, using more eyeliner and a really nice dark lipstick for her performance this time :)

    So thanks for your congratulations ^_^