Sunday, May 23, 2010

New youtube video

This is not the eyebrow video - it will be out in a few days though :)


  1. Oh Adora I love your make up tutorials, are simply amazing,I think that those dots would be wonderful if you add some sparkles to the eyeshadow.
    I have seen since two months your new tattoo. wow ,It´s amazing ,why don´t you show it us in detail Adora?.
    Jaja excuse me for my abysmal english I´m so clumsy with this.

  2. Great!
    But.. Adora.. it's so short!! I wanna see you more and more and more 'cause you're so beautiful!!!!

    More video please for a girl in love with you *_*

  3. I love it! Adora, another [short but] great video. I hope to see more of your fantastic works. Good Luck on the eyebrow one!

    Ravenz In Wonderland

  4. Cool idea Adora. I hope to get a chance to try this.

  5. Hi Adora,
    you are so pretty!
    BUT where you have this sweet shower curtain? :))

  6. Så enkelt att man aldrig ens tänkt på att göra det, så blir det så coolt!

    Jag är imponerad över hur påhittig du är :)