Monday, June 7, 2010

Asperger Synthdrome

Just before our gig this Saturday :)
Our band is called Asperger Synthdrome.
I can't figure out who's me?
The concert was SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Tomorrow I'll be on a trip, but I will post some more from the festival asap. Live shots :)


  1. Innan konserten du sa att du skulle avslöja en hemlighet samtidigt på scenen, och jag dör för att veta vad det var, eftersom jag tyvärr inte kunde göra det där. Bilderna ser bra ut ändå, och jag är glad att höra att du hade en fantastisk tid! Och ledsen för min hemska svenska.

  2. this is going to sound like a weird question but how tall is your sister?
    and how much does she weigh?

  3. Anonymous: Well, she's one more centimeter taller then me: 178, and I weight about 53 kilos, she weight slightly more...I can't remember

  4. u was using white lenses?
    i agree, you are both so gorgeous *-------*

  5. Wow, you guys look awesome!
    Much more alike than me and my sister, and we're TWINS. I'm glad the show went well!

  6. someone here seems obsesses by your sisters weight :) yup she's not as slim as adora but it doesnt make her a fat girl she seems just ''normal''

  7. No other anonymous I don't obsess about anyone's weight it was just a question of curiosity.
    I think they are both very gorgeous!