Monday, June 14, 2010

Asperger Synthdrome

I'm cutting and slicing the live performance I did with my band Asperger Synthdrome at last weeks festival. I want to make it short, otherwise it will be boring to look at and unfortunally the sound from my camera wasn't the best (yeah, try to fool people THAT'S why it sounds awful - you sing like a dead carrot you stupid girl! No camera in the world could fix that! But still, Adora - you looked great "singing").


  1. Waiting for the whole vid on Youtube! Hope those militar hats will be in sale too ;-D

  2. ahahaah why such pessimism? haven't heard it yet, though i do believe you're overunderestimating yourself! well if you had That bad voice, you wouldnt make a band!.. would you? Oo kiddin' xD :D :*

  3. Crimson, I agree. :) If she has a bad voice, she wouldn't dare to go out on the stage.

    Btw I heard Adora singing in the short part of the song she once posted on Facebook - and I loved it! her voice isn't of those "standard" and common ones, it's very interesting and nice. :)