Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bikini trouble

Where on earth can I find a goth bikini??? I've searched the web, e-bay and regular stores.

I have a boring black, and a sweet black and white striped and a white with lots of red hearts on it (it looked so cute when I had pink hair). But I want a more goth black on black.... lace, ruffle, bling, goth princess'ish, spiders, bats - anything!!
This is my favourite model, but it needs to be gothed up!

I have ugly black bikinis in my wardrobe - perhaps I can make them look better with some ribbons...


  1. I found my bikinis from a shop called Vive Maria. I'm not sure if they have a shop in Sweden though. They sold bikinis by Pussy Deluxe, I think x-tra-x sells that brand too ... and I'm sure they have an online shop or something.
    These are my pretty ones ... covered with skulls and roses. :) http://empimg.com/pics/300_811345a.jpg

  2. Hi dear!
    I dont know if this is more your style, but i found some bikinis for sale.
    This ones from amazon

    its more "cutie-goth"

    I like the zebra stamps, you can find it almost everywhere. this is from howcool.com. check out the web anyways!

    and finally, i recommend you "iron fist". isnt so goth-ish but there are pretty stuff like this

    or the most popular, "zombified"

    Good Luck, lady!
    I'll be in Manchester while you'll be in London. Such a sad thing!

  3. I found my bikini on emp.de
    it is with skulls and roses =)
    take a look^^

  4. It's a great idea and I'm sure that you if someone can execute it awesomely! :D

    Can't wait to see the result(that at least I hope you will share with us readers!). ;)


  5. hay,

    have you tried the following webshops?


    i'm sure they have some you'll like :)

  6. Maybe some lace ribbons added? Or try some Gothic Lolita- corset "simulation" in the sides :)

  7. http://www.killerkirsche.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p22742_ZOMBIE-HANDS-Knochen-Triangel-Bikini.html

    its a german store

  8. I think im your heroine!!



  9. honey just do them yourself if you cant get a hold of any and/or don't want to deal with shipping in anything from abroad.
    croth or cut some cute skull shaped cloth and stitch it on(or hearts,or spiders),change the straps with more funky lace like or studded fake leather ones(which you should be sure that they dont annoy you or cause any kind of rash beforehand),cover your classic black bikini with a see through light pink/white/ivory/any colour lace etc. etc. to have a nice double layered see through effect, be experimental^^
    i'm sure you will come up with some amazing pieces of art.
    i'm converting mine right now,even though tanning isn't my slightest interest it's a good thing to have a couple of pairs of nice bikini around^^

  10. I went out to the city and got hold of the exact same (kind of) bikini as the one I posted, and it was just 12$! Ok, it's not so arousing, but it looks okey on me. But I have a plan to goth-pimp it. Thank's Necromantic for your super fine tip board!

  11. Mine is so vintage! like... a pinup bikini in black... looks beautiful on my pale skin... maybe that works better for you too?

  12. http://fuckthemainstream.com/product.php?pid=2189

    that's the only one i can think of...well there is one more but it's not so much a bikini

  13. Hellu!
    Du kan ju alltid sy på något extra som du vill ;3

  14. At your service goth Queen! Im glad I helped ^^

  15. Hi!

    heres a nice skeleton one, and its cheap too! :)


  16. http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Apparel/Swim/Black-And-White-Rib-Cage-OnePiece-Swimsuit-174544.jsp

    this is a goth swim suit its a Rib Cage Swimsuit very cool

  17. http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Clearance/Tops/Tripp-Black-Ruffle-Swim-Top-171154.jsp

    try this store. just search swim.

  18. http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Clearance/Tops/Tripp-Black-Grommet-Swim-Bottom-175913.jsp

    this one has lace!