Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Yesterday I think I got a dab on the head!!!

You know how sometimes you're in a situation where you really can't figure out what's going on, but later it's something about it that disturbes you about the situation? That happened to me yesterday.

The thing with these things it that the signals are so subtle you can't even tell that person he/she is far out...because then you're a fucking whine who took it the wrong way...
And I must say I was so surprised this person felt so intimidated by me, that I could not defend myself!
But if I feel I got a dab on the head, I got it! It's in the eye of the receiver.

And, no, it was NOT my husband..


  1. wtf?who cares?show us pics with your boobs.that will make us happy

  2. Oh dear what is wrong with you? (to guy above). You're pretty much sick in the head. Why don't you get lost and go be a pathetic moron elsewhere -_- sheesh. And Adora I don't understand...perhaps I am lost in translation? Did you misunderstand something which caused someone else to be intimidated by you?

    Georgia xx


  4. that's just absolutely absurd, what is wrong with this anonymous-person? *lol*