Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm guessing this is how the other tee will look like :)
The text reads "In the Darkness, Shadow People". Anyone recognice the lyric it's from?


  1. No :( But it sounds very familiar to me. Do tell so I can listen please!!!!!!


  2. Is it from "Champagne" by Soft Cell or Marc Almond?

  3. i hate this one :S
    the police is ugly, and ur face too big

  4. hey dont u dsre to attack her shes gorgeous !!!

  5. I'm really not wanting to be rude or disrespectful,
    just an honest question;
    what have you done so people would want to wear your (pretty) face on a shirt?
    i mean you're cool and inspirational and all, but i'm not so sure about the whole thing...
    again, to adora and other readers,
    this is not supposed to be a rude comment at all, just my 5 cents which don't matter anyway, i don't have to buy a shirt after all :)

  6. I dont attack her, i just don't like that shirt, in real life her face is not too big, but on that t shirt it is...

  7. I have a suggestion for you Adora.
    You can consider it or not, I just think that it could be a nice idea.
    I suggest that once a month you put an Adora Batbrat interview on your blog, in which you compilate 10-15 questions that people often ask you...
    I think everybody here would be glad to read it :)

    AND I have a question for you : What does you husband think about your make-up in general, does he like it? Or is he disgusted sometimes? ( because many boys don't like make-up, my boyfriend doesn't want to kiss me when I wear gloss/lipstick haha...he doesnt't like the feeling.)

    Thank you :)!!!!

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  9. i love it! it's so cute!