Friday, July 23, 2010

Just took some new pictures in blue make up. I'm not a big fan of colorful make up, but it makes great photos. I only feel beautiful in black and white make up. Purple or reddish lipstick at the most.

I so have a M'era Luna clothing problem... and I have litte or no time to figure out a great outfit. At worst scenario I have to just grab something 2 seconds before leaving and work what I got. Haha, could be fun!


  1. ha. I already have my outfit picked out for M'era Luna. I'm wearing a huge purple and black Tripp skirt and a Tripp neck tank top thing and something else for the next day. Hope you find your right outfit.

  2. I just have to ask, what kind of haircolour do you use? It's the most perfect shade of lilac ever and I've been looking for something similar for ages.

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