Friday, July 30, 2010

M'era Luna meeting point

14.30 just inside the big entry (eingang) DAY 1 is the meeting point for those who wants to party with us :)
DAY 2 have to be at the Hangar when Colony 5 plays at 12.55.

Here is a map over the festival area:
I'm looking foward to hang with the most beautiful people (you).
See you there!

Day 1 I will see:
17:40-18:35 - DAS ICH
18:05-19:05 - LAIBACH
19:30-20:30 - NITZER EBB
21:00-22:15 - UNHEILIG
22:45-00:00 - THE SISTERS OF MERCY

Day 2:
12:55-13:30 - COLONY 5 - my friends from my town - be there and support them :)
and parts of:
14:55-15:40 - AMDUSCIA
16:05-16:55 - AGONOIZE
17:20-18:15 - FEINDFLUG
18:45-19:45 - SKINNY PUPPY
20:15-21:15 - COMBICHRIST


  1. Ahhh Amduscia,Combichrist and Agonoize!
    enjoy those bands for me

  2. aaww it's so bad for me I won't be there. I would have liked to meet you and give a big big smile and a hug to my hero...what kind of job is that which can't let you go to m'era luna?! ;(

  3. The Sisters od Mercy, Nitzer Ebb, Unheilig, Skinny Puppy and Combichrist! Sooooooo fucking awesome!
    Enjoy those for me :P
    Hope one day I can get out from my country (Brazil) and go to M'era Luna, and see ya there =D

  4. I can't wait! leaving New York tomarrow! See you soon.