Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Todays outfit

This was a surprise to me - I wore color! I have never felt so looked at and I felt doubtful all day. Love the new dress - BUT it's too long for me and definitly in color. Military color is ok I think, but I felt a bit wrong all day... Tomorrow I must be all black again to wash it off (tihi).
Puff armed blouse and green dress: H&M
Shoes: Demonia
and some cut off nylon stockings


  1. you look absolutely adorable once again! any colour would look good on you to be honest :)

  2. So you dye your hair of pink, blue , purple and don't like to wear colour? :/ Pretty strange.
    Wear colour isn't going to kill you or make you less "goth".

  3. I almost bought that dress but then I though I wouldn't wear it.
    You look wonderfull! Even in colour..

  4. Hey Adora!
    I really looove your dresses but this one doesn´t fit you right. It got less of military look than a cute farmer-girl dress. =^.^=
    But I´m really eased that even a style-confident girl like you could have a "bad-dress-day". So it doesn´t only happen to me!

  5. hello princess, you should make "today's outfit" thing as often as possible, i like it sooo much:).

  6. yeah, me too :) i said it once before - always enjoy a picture of your everyday-life and -clothing :)

  7. I don't understand why people say that a girl wearing always black is a sad girl...it's very superficial!sad is when you can't wear what you like! it's wonderful when one can wear everyday the stuff he/she likes...so wearing black can make one very happy!!!(me too)