Thursday, August 26, 2010

Facebook 5000 friend limit

I never could have dreamed about so many people wanted to add me on FB, but now I've reached the 5000 friends limit. I thought it would automatically transform to some kind of fan page, but it didn' just said:
STOP - if you want to add more friends you have to delete some! What?! That is so sad. I wanted everyone who took their time to add me could be able to join me, but now I must start a fan page so those who can't come in still will be able to be friends. But fan-pages seems so un-personal. That bums me off.

But, hey, no use in moping! I'd better get that fan-page going and try to be positive instead. I just hope I can maintain 2 FB accounts and make them both personal..I'll make it for those wonderful, sweet people who joins me <3

Darn you, Facebook, for giving me trouble and dubble the workload!!!


  1. It's because you're such an awesome person! Keep making youtube videos :D <3

  2. You are a wonderful person!