Monday, August 16, 2010

I sometimes get asked if I use skin bleaching products, like Porcelain skin. But I don't.
This made me think that perhaps I should... I do really like to be pale.
Have anyone here tried any skin bleaching products?
I think I will not use it since it's probably not good for you, but I can't help but being intrigued.
I'll just continue to be pale by the help of make up I guess..


  1. It is very dangerous especially when you use those creams and later expose your skin to UV rays.It can leave brown burn-like marks.

  2. 1. Remember Michael Jackson.
    2. Your are as pale as you can be thanks to your genes and location in the world. Try to be "pale" when the sun shines and burns at least 8 hours a day the whole year :)
    3. You are great as you are!!!

  3. michael didnt use this kind of method to bleach his skin, obiously.

  4. be aware that hydroquinone (which is a hormone)is contained in various whitening creams...and it causes facial hair growth and brain harms!!

    better use make up then...
    but I also know kojic acid, which helps exfoliating dead cells and is harmless.

  5. It's harmful. It's used especially by african women who want to look like the white women in the ads. These bleaching creams can cause severe skin damage,or even cancer.
    I am quite pale too,I have a fair complexion,blue eyes and freckels. But I get a weekly mask made with fat milk and lemon juice. It helps lighten your skin even more. I leave it in for about an hour.

    And MJ had vitiligo,he never used crap like that.

    Cheers Adora :)

  6. its dangerous so i recommended you dont use them. if you want pale skin I can tell you how i get pale skin, where i live all the girls are tan beacuse i live in a tropical island and theres a lot of sun so what i do to get pale skin is:
    1.drink lots of water
    2.milk is an amazing bleacher for the skin so drink it and put it on your face for 15 minutes.
    3.dont expose yourself so much to the sun
    4.squeeze the juice out of a pomengrate and rub it on your face.(be careful, the juice stains clothing)
    5. boil some water like for tea, then add a spoonful of honey and a few drops of lemon and drink it everyday for 1-2 weeks. It cures a stomach ache and a sore throat and it gives your skin a real nice glow.
    hope i help :)

  7. Just make sure you exfoliate your skin regularly with yummy smelling body washes; it helps if you accidently get a little Sunkissed, hehe.

  8. I heard that licorice root extract is a pretty harmless way to lighten skin. It doesn't cause sun sensitivity or scarring and doesn't even need to be diluted.

  9. Lemon juice is the safest option!
    Plus it makes for a nice smelling bath :)

  10. hey adora!
    i looked all ingredients up. The bleaching cream doesn't have dangerous ingredients but rather natural like lemon oil, grapefruit extract, jojoba oil, bee wax,...
    I want to try this cream but i have to wait until winter.. :(
    lots of love

  11. I use pink clay to lighten my skin.

  12. I use bleaching you usually use for hair, but not for my face, only for my arms fe..and I'm happy with the results.
    But I guess its not the healthies way so I dont do often.

  13. I have pale skin to and love it.
    But dont use bleaching products instead use ones with high spf that even out the skin tone and pigmentation with uv filters.
    I use them and they're amazing. I used to have a few freckles and theyve evened out. Very good highly recomend I use one i think the brand is called skin doctor.

  14. I found that a mask of pure joghurt is super effective!! Joghurt (especially the high-fat/Greek ones) are very rich in lactic acid which is a key ingredient to skin whitening. However, you have to tolerate the smell ;)...

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