Friday, August 27, 2010

It's FRIIIIDAY! Nerdy facts about me

I'd like to have this pretty glass <3 From Pressies 4 Princesses for £16.49

I LOVE Friday's <3
This is a bit nerdy I guess, but:
EVERY Friday I switch my regular water glass to a high ball glass with a big red heart on it (well I force my husband to use one too) just to make a point of it's now FRIIIIDAY <3. I've done it for years.
I'm guessing most people have a Friday-ritual, but this is one that I always do.
Of cause I make myself extra pretty for my husband too :*

We also have Friday disco! We have done that since we moved in together. We put on old Maxi singles and dance together. Nowadays we do it with the kids so it's mostly Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, but we can sneak in a few electro hits too :)

Please tell me if you have any Friday wacky things going on! So I know I'm not the only crazy person...


  1. I love Fridays :)
    During school time, i choose my most fantastic and favorite outfit for school and take time to make my hair and make up prettier than the other days of the week :)

    You know, i do that because the other days i don´t rly care bout my outfits... (just during school time, as i said^^), but i think this friday ritual of mine is important for my personality :)

    And how can you better celebrate the beginning of the weekend than with a kick-ass outfit, pertty make up and a nica hairdo? ;D


  2. Fridays are the best days ^^
    You've some very cute and cool rituals!
    Wish you and your family much fun for today ;)

  3. Inspiring as always! I wish I had a special Friday ritual that made me feel like "it" every Friday (because some days I really need a push!.

    I'll get back to you when I find mine! The Friday Disco-thin sounds awesome. And what a fun thing for the kids to! :)

  4. Since I mostly have sewing weekends, and it's my Grandma who has a sewing machine.. After the classes I go to Granny's home, buy something sweet on the way, and then we have tea - with grandparents, aunt and cousin who is also happy to see me - he's a beginner goth by the way. :P
    So I have "Granny's day" on Friday. =)

  5. I always work on saturday morning. So my fridays are always like monday, thuesday...

  6. @Orchidee: I love the Granny Friday thing <3 And so nice to see you have a goth trainee in your family!

  7. skratt.. visste inte att du va så charmig ;D

  8. Ahh, I wish I did interesting things on a Friday :O your 'friday disco' sounds fun :)

  9. You go, Adora! :D I don't really have a Friday ritual, I usually have a hot soak in the bath and pamper myself! :* Kisses to Adora from Laura xx

  10. I don't have a Friday ritual right now; everyday is basically the same for me right now since I'm a single stay-at-home Mom.

    But I LOVE your Friday disco idea! Haha, that's a good one! When my daughter starts kindergarten this fall, I think we'll do that too! And when I finally meet my prince charming he can join in :)

  11. Thanks for the reply, Adora!!

    I'm meeting my goth trainee soon to give him some more music, and I have an upcoming goth princess in my family too!!That's my niece who recently said that she wants to paint her lips black and be like her aunt! ))

  12. Every friday i go with my horse in the forest :p
    It's so nice :) the best time to think about everyting and just go away from the reality. And if my bf comes with me we make a stop and eat something on the ground XD (sorry for my english xD)
    Kisses from Belgium :p

  13. hey Adora, check out my new blog by clicking on my name, it has all the stuff i like

  14. Since I got married my rituals for my end of the week has changed. I mainly do it when I'm off. I go and spend time with my mom and just sit and talk with her. Its relaxing and enjoyable because I miss our talks :D

  15. when i was 15 my friends and I had a special friday ritual: we bought sweets, cakes, junk food and some drink with all our cash and we ate them in a private property (we jump over the gate! xD) sitting on some upstairs... than we go around the city singing stupid songs and when the day finished we told about our secrets, dream...

  16. WOOH! I LOVE these facts about you :)

    love the lolita glass and the fact that you spend time and are so dedicated to your kids :)

  17. Adorable. I always wear my favoritist outfit on Friday. and simply enough listen to Friday Im In Love by The Cure every friday. :)