Monday, August 23, 2010

My review: Forever Young 2010 Kalmar

Saturday I went to a festival called Forever Young 2010. The bands I watched was Jakob Hellman (a swedish man who is a living myth because he made this fantastic record 1989 and then said he could never make something as great again so he left the scene until now).

Back then he became an icon for the outcasts, the outsiders and the nerds. Kind of like me then.
For me who acctually saw him playing in a record store 1989 this was a magic moment and a teen flashback. He was just as good, had the same teen suffering and desperation in his voice as well as his body language. I acctually felt he was singing to me from time to time :)

Ultravox I had no special relation to from before accept their hit songs Vienna and Dancing with tears in my eyes and the funny look the singer had in the 80's. But - WOW! Those older men blow me away!! The gig was so tight and professional. I don't even know where to begin...
First off - the percussionist looked like a vampire, and that is always a plus in my book, and the synth-player in front of me was so in the moment and played like an angel on his violin and the singer had such nice clothes and his voice was so strong and he almost glowed because he was enjoying the concert so much - and it reflected back on the audience. The other synth-player I could not see especially well, but he must have done a great job!
Last night gave me a new favorite Ultravox song - Hymn. I've played it on repeat many times today, and already put it in the folder for next years M'era Luna record! Also - they all wear black'ish stylish clothes.

Then it was time for my undisputedly favourite swedish band - Lustans Lakejer. I have only this to say - if I die today, I would die a happy girl :)
The gig gave me chills, tears, pain, joy, despair and anxiety.
First off, it was the most "designed" gig with the depraved and gallant Johan Kinde accompanied by skinny, pretty fashionista boys with side bangs (all from other famous swedish synthpop inspired bands) that made it look so well thought trough (and I also think it was no coincidence. Johan is a man of visions).

Mr Kinde walked out like the dandy he is with a negligent buttoned shirt with the cuffs flapping and an untied bow tie. A champagne glass made the image complete.
His voice was filled with teen hopelessness, sophistication and the feeling of being blasé. I have always called Lustans Lakejer swedens answer to The Cure, so you can just imagine how much I cherish them.
He delivered hit after hit and my heart jumped on every word he sang.
All of a sudden my favorite song "Paradisets Portar" (Gates of Paradise) started to play, and I got so overtaken my tears well over. I NEVER thought I would get to hear this song live.
This is the the lines that always makes me cry:
"Varför flockades alla svarta korpar när lyckan sken på oss
Varför kunde inte världen låta oss vara, varför måste de förfölja oss
Men ingen kan känna smärtan jag döljer i mitt bröst"

(Why did all the black ravens gather when happiness shined upon us
Why couldn't the world let us be, why did they have to persecute us
But noone can feel the pain I hide within my chest)

The smalltalk inbetween songs was personal, funny and smart. Although, friends of mine who wasn't such big fans as I thought he sounded stuck up and snobbish. I beg to differ!

Extra plus: Apparently Mr Kinde approached my sister beliving it was me earlier <3 but after the gig he found me and walked with us 4 to town. Of cause I got a pic of this ;) A sweet moment for me and my husband (who's the nice person that introduced me to their music 1989).

Next in line was Reeperbahn. I have nothing to say about them since I never listened to them earlier, and didn't listen to them now. But from what I saw they didn't look stylish.

Then - Alphaville. After all the reviews from this tour I had no expectations at all. Apparently he burped in the microphone at one concert, was arrogant to the audience at another and acted high on drugs on all. I was almost afraid.
But can you imagine - this evening he must have mixed all his drugs right because he was happy as a child on Christmas Eve, smiled and jumped around.
I did see Alphaville about 2004 and that was a real downer so I'm very happy they could erase this bad memory from my mind and replacing it with this warm and tender concert. The loving arms of my husband and the kisses from his black lipstick of cause made it even better.
It started off with everybodys favorite song Dance with me. The crowd went wild! Of cause the years changed his voice a bit, but sometimes the old Marian Gold voice shined trough and those moments gave me chills. He played one of my favorite songs; Jet Set. The whole show ended as it started - with Dance with me - but unplugged. The audince almost hold it's breath. It was so beautiful <3 Thank you, Marion.

Last, but not least: Human League. A wonderful stage set up with lots of white. Philip looked very smart in his different outfits of super tailored clothes. His former girlfriend (the brunette) was struggeling with her moves but still caught my attention since she looked very sweet. The blonde girl in my opinion was..well, not my style. She came out in a trouser-suit!!! That was it for me. I could not look at her. She had samba moves and her shin up in the air like a snob. At one time she came out in a very short dress, and did some high lifting of her legs so you could see her whole vagina (well, panties)!

Philip's voice is one of the best in the world I think, very full and dark. I think he was a bit strange on stage though. He had some moves where he resembled of a mix between Stevie Wonder and Mr Bean from time to time. But of cause I will forgive him for that because of his amazing voice. Best singing performance was Human and best song for me was Being Boiled.
He should have replaced those girls with me and my sister instead ;) Nah, the girls did good, but I really think the blonde should think a bit more on to look a bit more humble.
Philip did surprise on walking out in something that looked like a pyjamas for the extras. A wierd moment.
I did think the gig was a bit "dry". I didn't sence the tightness as I did when the other bands played. But it was still a wonderful gig, maily because of Philips voice. And also, the young synth player should have an eulogy for his positive energy and the way he played.

Adora has now left the concert. Thank you!


  1. wow. that was a lot! But the whole review was very meaningful. Hope to hear more stuff like that.

  2. I think Joanne of Human League looks sweet too, she's still an amazing beauty!