Monday, September 13, 2010

Capsized brain

The London trip the 29'th of September-4'th of October is making me flip!
All of a sudden me and my sweet sister have 3 shoots booked (all super-fun and with only talented people)...but when will we be able to shop?! But screw shopping! You will totally understand when I will tell you who we will work with later... I'm being secretive now ;)
We are also planning on attending the Torture Garden Ball the 2'nd of October. For this event, me and my sister are being sponsored with clothes from swedens finest in Latex - Naucler Design. This is of course very exiting for us! We will be "twins" so we are now figureing out how to wear our hair and do our make up in a matching way.


  1. i like your blog, i follow it :)

  2. oh nice, I sense some great pictures coming up , wohoo :)

  3. That's fantastic! You're very lucky lovely ladies!