Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm in my Zwart Chateau

At Zwart Chateau (the name of my sewing area) trying out different types of sleeves. On this new one I can see the puff must be shorter, the sleeve slightly wider and the cuffs are not the way they are supposed to be. So...back to the cutting table... I sometimes feel like the mices of Cinderella...
And YES! It is always a good thing to have a name for your working area. Andy Warhol had "The Factory", and I have "Zwart Chateau"! It suites me fine since I often wear a princess crown <3


  1. I call my work area the 'slave pit' and 'geek lair'. :-)

  2. Even though, the sleeve looks nice. How lucky you are to know how to sew ^^

  3. en fråga bara, klär du dig alltid så här på vardagarna? liksom hur hinner du när du har barn och allt? jäkligt imponerande :D

  4. Giving it a name is much better than "im going to go sew" makes it sound like less of a chore! xx

  5. My craft area is called "The Place where Felt Goes To Die".

  6. Zwart Chateau ? Zwart is dutch! =D
    I'm so proud that my idol used a Dutch word for her working place hahah :p
    Greets from Belgium :p