Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My reign will continue!!

I've been on a class meeting and I can proudly say I'm still a class-mum (together with two other nice parents)! I enjoy to be a class-mum and be part of trying to make fun for the kids and their parents. Next up is Halloween. Whiiiiiiiii :)
Here's one Christmas craft we made for the tree:
I always try to make the kids do crafts that is pretty enough so us parents can actually have it up. I hate having ugly stuff in my home, so I make them do pretty stuff that I love to show on the best spot. A real challenge! I sound like such a bitch-mum now!


  1. Hi Adora,
    Just from experience, and no offence, but do you scare the kids with your ( very normal to me) outfits. I know some of the kids i meet are scared and freaked out by what kind of shoes i wear and the skulls and outfits. Or should i say 'costumes' by NYC standards.

  2. "Bitch-mum",Lol! That's so fantastic that you can help out at school! Also, even with fangs, I don't know how anyone could fear you when you smile. It's such a warm smile :)

  3. You are sooooo cute! And that craft-thingy is adorable!


  4. Jag måste bara fråga, var du på MCR i Malmö för typ 3/4 år sedan? Jag blir snart galen om jag inte får svar. ;)

  5. Lol! I would have done that too if I were a mum :)

  6. Aww, it may sound mean but I'm sure you don't beat them up everytime they make something messy aha. Besides, when they are older they might make some super-duper creations. Maybe become as creative as their mummy ^^
    Kisses for you and the family xxx