Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fun tales of London - The Trip

Chapter 3.
Whii - up early after a bad nights sleep. Darn that ghost!
Two very tired, but very well styled girls, went to the airport in Gothenburg.
I had to be a magician and transform my kronor to pounds. This made me happy!
Happy like a rich bitch!
Those flowers in my hair made me feel like a Barbie Fairytopia Mermaid so as soon as we got to the Generator Hostel in London I had to re-style the hair. I wanted to enter London cool, and not like a mermaid...
Now we were ready to enter Camden Town with our smashing looks ;) A nice beginning on our London trip! 


  1. I love your shanf. I want one! >.<

  2. i like the flowers! i probably couldn't pull it off convincingly but it makes me want to make one of those!

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  3. beautiful!

    love the flower headdress.

  4. pretty sisters :)

    Is Jenni your real sister or mental sister? :) I see only two pretty gothic girls, not similar really

  5. They're stepsisters.

  6. You guys look gorgeous! Your make up is brilliant as always <3 hope to see u soon!

  7. @Anonymous: Well, me and Jenny is half-sisters. We have the same dad :)

  8. hey, how are you guys both goths? I mean, like with me and my sister, it's all about individuality. We can never have the same thing nor can we like the same music or clothes. And it's not like we set it up that way, it's just the way we've always been. I don't like it. I wish me and my sister were two pretty goths. I'm the only goth in my family :( jealous...

  9. Ah I met you girls on your trip! I'm so happy that I met you in H&M on that rainy evening On Oxford st. You look absolutely gorgeous and love your make up tutorials and all that. So cool! I hope you enjoyed your time in London. Have a nice autumn ladies.