Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I smell - HELP me!

My 3 favourite perfumes have over time been the same 3...
  • Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana (when to impress boys)
  • Tribù by Benetton (when to impress girls)
  • Woman by Hugo Boss (on every other occation)
  • As deo spray I love Cat Deluxe by Naomi Cambell
Since my last pregancy I devloped a swelling in my nose that didn't go away as it's supposed to do after a while. This causes me to not being able to sence different smells so good. I did an operation to fix it, but it didn't succeed.. And NO - I didn't do a nose job as in plastic surgery! Oh, you are so going to compare old and new pictures of me now! I'm very sad I can't smell (and taste) the same like I used to do, I had a real gourmé nose. But I'm thinking of re-doing the surgery.

This also makes me not to dare to buy a new perfume!! I only play the safe cards I had since before the pregnancy since I can't trust my nose theese days. I have no idea on what perfumes smells modern and what smells like an old lady.
I'm thinking perhaps I'd give the Cat Deluxe perfume a go?
Any other tips now when you know what smells I like?


  1. the new perfume Womanity by Thierry Mugler smells very good!! sort of vanilla citrus? but it was really nice.
    but my favourite is miss dior cherie... and of course you can always trust j'adore!

  2. hey! what about "heat" by beyoncé? in my opinion it smells like strawberry-candyfloss.

  3. My favorite perfume is Hugo Boss "Femme". Smells REALLY nice!

  4. You should try Marine Groove by Escada it smells lovely and like fresh berries :D I absolutely adore it

  5. I'm teeny (althought I'm 30) and I love old Escada edts, becouse those are so sweet. Ibiza happy and Pacific Paradise are my favourite.

    Also I like Hugo Boss Purple.

    I have this same Hugo Boss edt what u have and I think it's extremely boring.

    Actually I was surprised that so cool stylish goth girl like you, has so boring taste of edts, sorry to say :)

  6. meant Ibiza Beach, something mixed my thoughts.

  7. Light Blue is the only one worth the name "perfume" out of those you mentioned. Not cool for a "gourme" nose :))) and they all smell different on particular skin, so go test, dont ask silly questions

  8. I love Thierry Mugler Alien Sunessence. It's deep and dark yet warm. Unusual, to my nose anyway.

  9. I know it's kinda strange,but I make my own perfume. It's inspired by Sillage du la Reine,a remake after queen Marie - Antoinette's fragance. I use a carrier oil[jojoba] and small amounts of orris, rose, jasmine, tuberose, lavender, violet, bergamot, orange blossom oils and fake musk. I'm not a parfumier myself,but once you get the right combination it's easy. I can barely use a drop,because it's really strong and I don't wanna smell gross.

  10. One I really love, is Harajuku Love! It's a really awesome scent, I've had it for about a year! I don't use it much anymore, because it comes in a smaller case then usual... But it's really worth it. It's deffinatly a "special occasion" type of perfume!

  11. Naomi Campbell by Naomi Campbel smells wonderful, also Glow by J.Lo, 2 of my absolutley favourites! good luck with your preatty nose <3

  12. And ops. J.lo smells like "liljekonvalj"
    and Naomi Like, Vanilla and a touch of jasmin

  13. One and only...
    Here is all you need to know about this seduction in a bottle ;)

  14. Chanel Nº 5.
    Yapp. For a very important nights.
    Unfortunatly i cannot use chemical perfume everyday...'cause my skin is soooo frail.
    Usually i make my perfume mixing some oils. Very voluptuose.
    The base is China Extract Oil and grape-seed oil... after that...some fragarances i cannot disclose! ;)

  15. I love "Azahar", by Adolfo Domínguez. They only sell it in Spain, but smells great: exclusively orange blossoms. Delicious, and very sexy ;). Do you like floral perfumes?


    I use Black XS, it's a very unique smell suited for the rebellic yet feminine woman. Personality on a bottle. And there is a good descripion of it on that site. I get compliments about it all the time.. "What is it that smells so good?"... -That would be me XD...

  17. -ed hardy love kills smell for me in the balance of sweet and fresh :)
    -lola smell ever for me but never found it again :(
    -amor amor...deeply sweet and sensual

  18. You could stick with the perfume that you know smells good on you, or you could try something brand new and hope for the best. Tricky situation.

    Personally, I would do the second one. If I put on perfume, it's so that I think I smell nice. (But, that's also the same way I take my beauty routine - I do it for me, not anyone else.)

    So, I guess it depends on a) how adventurous you are feeling, and b) how long you can take the "new scents" of your old perfumes.

    I would recommend a few perfumes if I had any. My bottles are empty and gone. :( I need to go out and buy more when I get the money.

  19. oh, I understand you :( I have the same problem, not due to pregnancy but all sinusits that I had years go è_è

    Well, I love Armani Code, it's fresh and citrus with a bit of vanilla or something like that, but not too strong or sweet.. I haven't tried the ones you said, I must do it! :)

  20. I have been using Hugo Deep Red (Hugo Boss) for the last 3 years.
    Also Romance from Ralph Lauren (I think), but I used to have like 20 years old, so it migth have an "adolescent" feel-like.

    Also nice, but less "woman" and more "adolescent" is Ralph the Ralph Lauren

  21. Hey! I know how you feel, i have this chronical thing so i blow my nose the whole time (that and sneezing). Consequence: half of the time i can't smell, and yeah, it is horror! So now i can choose, continue my days like this, or have an operation, but im scared to have the operation, you never know, you know...
    So the days i can smell a little, i enjoy to the fullest.
    I just bought Scarlet (Cacharel(?)) and Kate by Kate Moss, i tried Kate this morning and i was able to smell it, my day started good :D

  22. Try Thierry Mugler Alien or Pacco Rabban Black Rose XS.I love them so much.

  23. It really depends on the skin type. Different perfumes don't suit different people. "Tresor" by Lancome (for everyday), "Black Orchid" by Tom Ford for special occasions..they both rule

  24. Hy Adora!!!

    I loove Jil Sander!! These parfumes are just great! I have the Jil Sander Sports for women, and i wanna bath in it!!! ;-) Buying a Jil Sander is never wrong!!!


  25. Christina Aguilera just brought out a new perfume and I have always been a fan of her scents but I can say that her original one is better - and the bottle has a gorgeous black lace design on it.
    It is much like the Gothic Lace makeup tutorial that you gave.
    I never throw away the bottles!

  26. I have three current favourites:

    Absynthe by Christian Lacroix (sort of a musky liquorice)

    Outspoken by Fergie (tuberose, gardenia and leather)

    Black XS (really, really sweet)

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  28. I have to throw in my vote for Beyonce Heat, I do not usually like celebrity designer perfumes but this one is very special to my nose, like sexy dark candy.

    "Top notes of Heat are decorated with red vanilla-orchid, magnolia, neroli and peach. A passionate heart offers honeysuckle, almond and musky cream, while a base finishes with sequoia wood, tonka and amber. "


    Also I like Pacifica; Lotus Garden (a bright woody citrusy smell)
    Pacifica; Tibeten fig
    (Beyonce heat's simpler cousin, sweet and dark)
    Both are organic non synthetic perfumes

    I use GAP sugar snap when I just want something bright and happy.

  29. I know this is an ancient post, but I wanted to recommend a scent! I'm a big fan of Dior's Hypnotic Poison. It's quite a heavy scent, it wouldn't be for everyone. It smells of Vanilla, Bitter Almond, Musk and Jasmine. It comes in a cool bottle too - a roundish red one that reminds me of the poison apple from Snow White! x :-)

  30. adora have you tried juicy couture i hope i spelled that right anyways i love all of them my favorite one is viva la juicy! i have all of the juicys haha but that one is the one i get compliments on by many people at first when my family started complimenting it i thought wow did i smell bad before lol love and kisses adora :*