Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm letting my brain work

Yesterday I got the pattern for the Adorable Heart blouse delivered by D. It looks smashing - but so difficult! Normally I wouldn't mind, since I'm not doing the sewing - but now my seamstresses want's a copy of the blouse made with the real pattern so I have to make one! Help!
Also I will make a description of how's it made. I have 3 hours to do it...
Cut, cut, sew, sew, untack, untack, sew, sew....
This is made after the old pattern


  1. Gorgeous. I want one!

    Also did you cut your hair? 0.0

  2. Monika (Mourning Rose)November 18, 2010 at 12:54 PM

    your hair looks awesome! And have you let your eyebrows grow back out, or have you just drew them a shade lighter than usual?

  3. Where did your hair go? :O I do like this though! Good luck with sewing!

  4. hey! I am not sure if you already know them, but I have seen them and had to think immediately of you. indeed, i know that you're actually wearing demonia shoes more often, but these shoes are too cute: http: // scid=2*pid=753

    sry, my english is not the best :D
    but i've got an excuse, i am german!

    by the was: very nice blouse an hair! ;)

  5. i looooooooooove that look on the photo! your great

  6. Gorgeous new hair also hun - looks very pin-up/vintage =)


  7. how did u make your hair look so short? what did you use for your eyebrows? I've been looking for a light brown color for my eyebrows, but they end up looking orange :(
    u look so cool!

  8. could you make a turorial-video for this look. its sooo lovley=)