Monday, November 1, 2010

Make up by me: M.A.C. Fluidline

Todays hot spot:
M.A.C. Fluidline Eye-liner gel, color Blacktrack

This is a water resistant eyeliner.
I use this on my lower eyelid border and on the inside and outside of the eye.
Why I don't use it everywhere? For once, it's very thick so it's hard to work with  and also I don't have the need to have super-water resistant eyeliner everywhere, and also it's a bit costly (approx. $18).

I do it as on this picture. As you can see I also do a bit thicker at the inside of the eye. I paint a bit outside the border, downwards. This is to create a more cat shape to the eye.

End of school :)


  1. How is it really to put liquid eyliner inside you wather line (or inside the eye if you prefer). I get really runny eyes when I get shit in them (ore makeup). Even thou ist better with whaterproofed liner, I can't imagin it feels good to have the liquid stuff IN your eyes. Do you go on afterwords with something else to "close the eye", so to speak. I mean to make it black-black!-BLACK! all the way to the eye. ;P

    Love Sarah

  2. I have the same problem as Sarah! I cannot seem to do liquid eyeliner under the eye... if I hit my eye it runs, I get red and then I get glops... gross!

  3. I used to wear kohl on the eyelid border before, but it melts away during the day. The M.A.C. stays on all day (and is totally black-black) - and yes - of course you should NEVER use ordinary eyeliner inside the eye - it's filled with strong stuff that should not be in your eye!

  4. Adora, what type of brush do you use to apply it?

  5. Oh thanks for the tip! Have to buy that eyeliner :)

  6. I used to use it as eye-shadow! When I wanted a proper pitch-black smoky eye. But I agree with you, it is incredibly tricky to use. Great blog by the way! I really enjoy your posts.