Friday, November 19, 2010

Now I can eat humans!

Like most goths I've always fantasized about eating human flesh ;)
And now perhaps I can! Well, this is a step on the way at least.
I must learn this skill!
Imagine being on the train and pull out a foot, carve it in half, add some brie and nice ham to it and start to eat. People would faint all over the place. I'd really like that! (and if they are fainted I can eat them *hahaha*)
(you know I'm joking right? Or am I.....)


  1. That is SO gross!!! I wouldn't be able to eat that bread. And if I saw you eating it on the train, I'd break out my zombie hunting gear! haha jk. You should do that next Halloween.

  2. hahhahahaha where do you find such funny videos?!roflmao

  3. wow! it's like a tradition that there is in my little city of South Italy: we prepare little biscuits with the shape of hand and foot of S. Blaise xD it's a macabre religious traditions xD

  4. Hahahah best thing I´ve read for a while! I never imagined bread could be so fun :)

  5. Sigh...
    Thailand~ It is the place to be.

  6. I saw this on my hometown news a few weeks ago! It was on the channel that plays the same news for the day on loop every hour. I made my husband sit and wait for the segment to come up again!