Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crafting in the house

At Christmas every year I force my kids to do some crafts. The thing with making crafts with kids is you want them to make things you actually want to show. I think I did good this year. They made some fantastic things, and I love having them shown in our home.
Here's their wonderful angel candle holders
  • Buy cheap candle holders at IKEA
  • Paint them with glue
  • Put on a sweet angel bookmark
  • Quickly roll it in sugar (here you can blow-dry to faster get to the next step)
  • Paint the upper edge with glue and dip it in silver/gold glitter
  • Put in a tea light and light it - enjoy <3
I also had them make some cute mittens to hang in the tree.
  • Cut a nicely patterned felt into two mittens
  • Sew them together with easy stitches
  • Glue on a crochet lace
  • Thread a red ribbon through it and tie
  • Hang it in you tree/nose/whatever
I think they are just supercute <3 My kids got lots of compliments from the proud mum. Aww, they did good. Now they are craft-free until Valentine's Day ;)


  1. these are sooooo cute!!!
    i made my little neice a beautiful wand for her christmas tree.
    gosh, your children are talented, congrats, they're just like their mummy

  2. Those are neat! I'll have to try them out.

    My aunt's friend lost /all/ of her Christmas things (we don't know the story behind how, we just know that it happened), and we've all be pitching in to find things to give to her. I think that these cute little crafts would be absolutely perfect to make and give to this family. Thank you so much for sharing these.

  3. AWWWS! Me and my mom did some crafts too when I was a kid.... It's really joyful to see you make these kind of things with your kids... some moms don't do them at all :C I don't understand why though because it's an easy and fun way to spend time with your kids!

  4. I love those little mittens! They're so cute. Now I'm going to go find some nice felt tomorrow and make these with my daughter. Thanks for the good idea Adora! xo