Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eating Bambi's mum's heart

It was me who shot Bambi's mum! Here I am at the Christmas dinner eating a deer's heart - for real! I've never tried it before, but I liked the feeling of eating it... (it was interesting and icky at the same time)
I wrote "God Jul" on my nails, that's swedish for Merry Christmas :)
I think Santa will give me one package less because I lied to A. Shit! I really needed that space diaper!


  1. I love deer heart! Every time somebody goes hunting, I ask if they want the heart. Because if they don't, I'll take it! Most people think I'm gross, but it tastes very good when cooked correctly :)


  2. yuck, y'all are nasty. animal eaters are so heartless, they survive on other innocent creatures' hearts.

  3. i heard from hunters that when u gonna shot a deer and the deer notices u aim it,it freezes and tears starting falling from its eye....According to this knowledge i would never it an pure creature's heart even if i am goth and evil.I just respect its innosence.

  4. Hearts taste good if well prepared, that's true. In Peru we make a dish based on spicy slices of veal heart put on a stake... and they are delicious! Have a nice Christmas dinner this year ^^

    And you, trolls, go try bugging someone else. If you don't eat meat, that's perfectly good and admirable, but don't go around insulting people who does. That's not your bussiness.

  5. Agree with the comment above very much! :D

    Also, I love your posts, Adora. You're so funny, and I love how you can turn something normally boring or unattractive into something fun and enjoyable :D

  6. People who chooses too eat meat should be prepared do defend WHY.. same as us vegetarians ALWAYS have to explain why we DON'T eat meat.

    If one is happy with eating meat they should also be happy about getting the details of how much suffering their food creates.

    I myself as a person don't like too insult people for choosing whatever they choose BUT I do ask questions WHY...

    People who eat meat may not be heartless but indeed ignnorant too not look up the facts. Cause if they DID have the courage too take responsability and look up what they are supporting the meat wouldn't be so tasty anymore.

    Sorry, thats my opinion.

    Although Adora, you are beautiful and so is your family.. but you would be even more beautiful if you didn't eat animals.

  7. I think it´s cool that you can go to an official christmas dinner and keep your style :)

    Do you often have to adjust your style to the occasion? Or do you do what you feel anyways? :)

  8. I have to agree with S
    Nothing more to say, S already said what I'm thinking. (I'm vegan, btw..)

    Adora, I love you & personality. But I hope you'll think about that.

  9. Eating meat is soooo last year. It's all about soy now!

  10. never had it. dont think i could. but on a side note here is a artist friend of mine whom im sure you would find awesome. check her out if you find time.

  11. never had it. dont think i could. but on a side note here is a artist friend of mine whom im sure you would find awesome. check her out if you find time.

  12. Folks, give the Veg'n-Carnivore debate a rest. No one likes a Food Preacher. We all have our own views, now let's be mature enough to deal with it as adults.

    I never thought about deer heart being edible. It would make sense - after all, some people eat the innards of other animals, who why not deers?

    I'm with Helena on the fashion - how do you remain goth during the holidays or during special occasions?