Monday, December 27, 2010

Todays outfit

Today we were out on town to do one of the traditions we have for the kids.
Every year they get to choose one Christmas ornament. So when they leave home in their 40's *hahaha* they will have ornaments that they hopefully have memories around to put in their own tree.
Yes, I had a jacket on too
These are the ornaments they choose
Fairlight took the cute polar bear, Synthia the glitter snowflake and TeeBee the hysterically funny pig! I think he will laugh his socks off when he's older and is going to hang that one in his tree! I will tease him about that one for ever!


  1. I LOVE the pig! It's so cute! My mom gives me an ornament for Christmas every year. It's usually a cat :)

  2. so cute! love the christmas photo's, and i know about the ornaments, they all have stories and memories. Hope you and your family had a good holiday,

  3. You look sooo cute!! I love this outfit. Also I like the sound of this tradition, I've been wanting to start getting more decorations :) I love the polar bear and snowflake

  4. Vilken trevlig tradition! Jag tror barnen kommer att uppskatta det enormt den dagen de flyttar!
    God fortsättning!

  5. I have to say that I saw you today in my dreams. You were a vampire and tried to bit me. And I had to hold you in some kind of cage, but you were really friendly and funny. So I had to let you out. ;D But you still managed to bit my hand. But you said you were sorry, so it is okay. :D
    It was a crazy dream. :D

  6. You look totally gorgeous (as always)...

    and the pif ornament is the cutest.. seen those at Åhlens I think...

  7. That is one beautiful tradition you guys have. is that a known one or did you invented it? respect.

  8. oh i love veeery much your shoes here!! where do you get them??