Friday, January 7, 2011

Spend 2 hours at the Emergency ward

Still suffering from the complications from my pneumonia, sinusitis and the beginning of an ear infection I had to go on even more medicine, and the day before yesterday my fingers felt fumbling and my arms heavy and my eyes a bit wierd, so yesterday I visited the doctor. He thought it was because of the cortisone I used but to still continue with the antibiotics, so I did.

Today at lunch I got a heavy pain in my heart-area (you know, where my cold, black stone is) and it spread up to my throat and then up to the right side of the face, making it feel a bit numb and strange. My lips was numb too. I had to land my ass in the sofa a while. The pain in my chest continued over a couple of minutes and after a while my sight went a bit odd. I felt like the eyes was a bit slow. It really scared me.
I called the ER and they wanted me to take an ECG, so I went.

The tests didn't show anything, and after 2 hours I told them I wanted to go home, so I had to sign myself out. I have better things to do then hang in the ER all night long..
I feel better now, but I still feel there is something strange going on with my fingers and arms, but as long as it doesn't kill me I don't care. I think it might be a reaction to the medicine, but I'm not sure, and I still have 3 more days left of it...
Of course I've landed a massive castric catarrh after all my time of strong medicine, so now I feel hungry ALL the time - even when I'm eating... I'm totally overeating and will start the year having to loose weight. That sucks!


  1. Aww, poor you :( It's not fair that such a wonderful person should suffer that much! I hope your husband is around to hug you <3

    Get well soon! :)

  2. Ha this is my year for losing weight, too, but isn't every year weight-loss year?!?

  3. First worry about rest and getting better. Worry about loosing the weight later, dear! Your body must want food. Let it have it. I do think you must be having a reaction to all of the meds. I had a bad reaction to a combination of medicines one time as well. I thought I was having a heart attack. At the hospital they told me my dr had me on too much and my body was rejecting it. Maybe Bart has you on too much too. It seems like shitload you're taking! I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell, my friend was in the emergency here in Nova Scotia today for 9 hours of waiting! She had a kidney stone. sending you healing vibes!

  5. Aww, Adora!
    I hope you get well soon!
    Lots of light and love from Brazil.
    I love you! <3

  6. If that happened to me, I woulda been scared shitless. I can't believe you just left the ER! That's too funny. You are a strong chica. GET BETTER :)

  7. Honey!!! beware of a condition where your heart grows --> PERICARDITIS (pericardious inflamation)... not like The Grinch... but seriously... people have died from this complication because of a bad-cared-cold...

    please take care!!!
    After you get better you will have time to lose weight if you want, but you need to stay healty for your kids!!!!


  8. Älskar din blogg. Men kan du iente börja lägga upp emr bilder, du är ju så snyyyygg!

  9. Take natural medicine next time :)
    Sometimes, magnesium chloride helps to resolve heart disorder too ;)
    Et dates,lentils,magnesium chloride
    Take care beautiful spirit ^__^