Sunday, January 30, 2011


My Saturday was spent celebrating my husbands brothers son who turned 18.
It was lots of fun, and here in Sweden that means when you come of age (is that the right expression, really?), so he now has the right to buy alcohol at pubs. I'm guessing he was the first one in line yesterday!
I admit - I was not the best me, I used the time to make my kids pretty in their hair and then there was no time for poor me :( This is my "boring" hairstyle. Shit - I'm really in a need of bleaching my roots!
But it's not until 20 you can go to the "Systembolaget" (we still have alcohol controlled by the state in just one special store) and buy liquoer yourself.
Very strange considering you are allowed to buy it at pubs 2 years earlier... I'm guessing the state want that money for those two years.
And I know noone who waited past 16 for their first drunkenness..

My first drunkenness was at the age of 15.
We were a big gang of girls, and we had a rule so we all tried, but at different times, so a few of us got drunk, and the other girls took care of the drunken ones (smart, right!). I was one of the last ones to try. This time it was me and a girl named Jenny. We didn't know how much we were supposed to drink, but we wanted to make sure to get drunk. It my case that was drinking 1½ bottle of red and white wine in just 3 minutes.
Needless to say - I couldn't be in the same room where my parents opened a bottle of wine for the next comming 8 years.... They teased me a LOT about it :)

Drunk I got, puked I did, laughed about I've done ever since.
The content of it all: I couldn't see the fun in it really since I'm always been very freed before, and needed no alcohol to get out of my shell. So I was always the designated driver in my SAAB 96 V4, named Arnold.
This is not Arnold, but it looks exactly the same, color and all. Best car I've ever had. It had a column shift.
I think I was sober until 21, then I drinked a bit, and by 26 I could enjoy it (or how to speak). I'm still no big alcohol consumer - if I don't count the weekend at the M'era Luna festival in Germany every August ;)


  1. I do not see the point in drinking alcohol at all actually. It often makes you feel like crap the next day (more or less!) and most of it tastes really bad and people become diffrent persons who do things they dont dare do otherwise, or even get aggressive and awfully mean. No thank you. I love myself too much to put myself through all that crap! And do not hang out with people who do.. :)

  2. haha its always funny remembering the first time you drank alcohol, always super embarassing! although you seemed pretty sensible about it :)

  3. I didn't drink alcohol until I was 17! The first time it was lots of fun, I don't drink very often.

  4. I didn't got drunk until I was eighteen, so it actually was legal for me to do it XD. Since then, I sometimes get a little... merry, I suppose, but after a few crazy nights I finally learnt how much booze can I have without ending up vomiting, showing my knickers and stuff XD

  5. I tasted alkohol (a mouthful or so of wine) the first time at the age of 19 just to try the taste. In my life (with lots of parting before the kids arrived) I have only met one single person that I like more drunk than sober so I decided to stay sober. 35 years and counting...

  6. My first time getting drunk was a bit weird. I was 14 and my dad said "soon you will go to parties and want to drink, so this is what it feels like!" and he quickly made me drink lots! I think it was a good idea in getting to know how much I can safely drink. But we all have those awful puking stories...

    Much love

  7. Adora! I your adorer and already tried to send the letter, but there were errors! Whether I look every day you have updated blogpost, so it is interesting to me, but unfortunately much I can't know. It would be desirable to see more than your house pregnant photos, without a make-up too very interesting and you couldn't tell a youth, a photo in a blog that was with you to a meeting of the husband!? <3

  8. coming of age is the correct expression ;)

  9. The first time I tasted alcohol was at 4 years old! That is why you should never sit next to your child if you are drinking a Cuba Libre and he/she a regular coke. XD Then after 11 years of abstinence from alcohol, I accidentally tasted alcohol again in the same way. I remembered the taste of alcohol. It tastes like... Robitussin.

  10. Wow I love your blog! and Arnold :)