Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone <3
It's also TeeBee's name-day (TeeBee Valentin Charles Emil) - congrats sweetie!
I have the table set and the sponge cake is in the oven smelling delightful.
We have invited my husbands parents over for dinner tonight and the kids made up the meny together, so we'll start with a :
  • heart shaped sandwich (full grain for Montignac) with eggs, mayoannise, shrimps and dill.
Then on for the main course and the dessert:
  • Creme fraiche and dijon ovenbaked salmon (oven 150-175 degrees Celsius until salmon have an inner temperature of 50-54 degrees for best result)
  • Dill and creme fraiche sauce
  • potatoes, green asparagus/broccoli
  • For dessert a Heart Shaped orange sponge cake filled with strawberries and cream with vanilla (for Montignac: oven/micro baked apples with cinnamonon and lightly whipped cream)
I hope you all feel loved today. If you feel like noone else loves you, then I will! I send my best heart-warming hugs for each and everyone <3 <3 <3 Remember to spread some love too


  1. Awww! That tablescape is so festive and adorable!

    Happy Valentine's day to you too!


  2. Happy Valentine!
    aaah and my 1°week: 57,5 (-1,5kg)
    I am italian... so I have to admit it: saturday I had pizza >< it's a kind of religion... I can't quit with pizza at least once a week XD

  3. Love to you too, freaky lady! :)

  4. Happy Valentine :)
    I would love to celebrate the Valentines'day at your home, everything looks great :) And the dinner sounds delicious!

  5. oh you are so incredible sweet, hope you have a wonderfull valentin's day.
    lots of love F.

  6. aww how beautiful!
    sounds great (:

    and thank u <3 happy valentine to you too :D
    lots love to you (from austria :D)! <3

  7. Happy Valentines day :)


  8. Happy Valentine's Day!!! I love the napkins folded like hearts on the plates. It's such a creative idea!! <3

  9. Hello! I found a picture with these ridiculously cute frosted muffins and I think you could use that idea. Have a nice day!

  10. Happy valentine to you to ^^.
    Decorate looks cute ^^

  11. Thank you Adora, I got strep throat on Valentine's Day and couldn't see my cousins or anything :( Thanks for your hug!!!