Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Montignac Method rules

There are a few technical details I leave out because it will make my writing like a whole damn book otherwise. I just give you the contents, and some small explanations.
  1. Always eat a fresh fruit 20 minutes before every meal (again - as much as you like). I have a 1/4 of a Fuji apple (they are BIG). Example: apple, pear, orange, kiwi, mango, most berries etc.
    This is for every breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    WHY? If you eat the fruit before food you will avoid getting that low blood sugar you get when your body is all focused on processing the new food after eating, and will not give you the urge to have something sweet afterwards. Know the feeling? A very smart idea if you easy get headaches because of low blood sugar.

And yes, I only eat them because they are pink :)


  1. I remember hearing something like this before (I think that it came from you, too!). I've got to start doing this again. I don't know just how true the science is, but this trick seemed to work for me before!

    Thank you for sharing, and thank you for the reminder! I'll see what fruit's in season and go from there.

  2. Hi Adora!
    Can I ask you a question in connection with a film I have watched recently? (I'm kind of a scientist-metal) The film was about life in Sweden. It has generally said that your country has socialistic government and that law allows to take the children from parents for no reason. (it had so many examples for it, that I'm not able to give you all of the instances, but if you want, I'll). I just want to know your point of view and if the film was exaggerated or not? If you don't mind, of course.

  3. Fujiäpplen är fan det bästa jag vet, krispiga, rosa och stora. Allt man kan önska sig!

    Btw, är ett stort fan av dig, du är både sjukt vacker och, vad skall man säga, kunnig och positiv!

  4. @Magda: Right now we don't have socialistic government anymore, but this movie must have been like from the dark ages!? Sure, they can remove the kids from the parents - but ONLY with very special cases. I think they don't do it often enough though... There are far too many children suffering at home with alcoholistic, mentaly disturbed, abusing parents. Cases the communes knows about, and still do nothing. But generally I must say: no, to your question.

    @Demonic: What a supersweet comment calling me both beautiful, knowing AND positive - all in one sentence! This IS my best day ever <3 Thank you so much!

  5. the film was produced in 2009, so not that long ago ; ).. but yeah, it perhaps focus on one issue, which may not be so common at all. Thanks..

    and btw, you are the sweetest Goth ever x) so nice x)

  6. holy cow this is a fantastic idea, because I KNOW that after-dinner feeling and have always wondered why it is I crave sweets then. I will definitely start doing this!!