Thursday, February 24, 2011

Valentine's cake: do's and don'ts

A Valentine's cake should NOT look like this - this is horrific, it will sure end that realtionship! It's a disaster!
I just stumbled across this on the web looking for a nice heart shape.
One might think this is during the process or by a child...but the scary thing is it's not! This is the finished product of a grown woman! Following her process was almost painful.
I can't be a total bitch about it though, because the person who did it did it for a sweet reason, and hearts can never be wrong.
But perhaps I can give her a few ideas on how they can look..., just to be nice (not my beautiful works unfortunately)

"K" as in "kärlek", the swedish word for love
But remember, even if those cakes are beautiful, they might still taste like ass, and that slaugher-looking excuse of a cake can taste like pure heaven.
But I love beautiful things and would easily choose the pretty cake every time.
(How awful of me to publish this when there is people on Phase 1....*sorry* But soon you can eat cake again - and NOT gain weight)


  1. Hello! I saw you in TV, i´m from Spain, I saw a make up video from your chanel in Telecinco, I think you are very creative and i love your looks!!!

    bye! vampire kisses

  2. hey adora, my name is camila and i'm from Brazil. I subscribe to your videos since a long time, and I love it! So now I put your blog on my reader and I stay very happy when i see a new post. You're a wonderfull person =)) And now with this posts about montignac, confess that I never see something like that in brazil. So i went in a bookstore and I found a book in portuguese *_* ( has already tell I don't know much English and I'm counting on the help of a dictionary to write this here not? hahah). I don't know if I have the strengh to do it ( i eat so badly, not salad and looooov sugar :/) but is good to know about and I told for a lot of people that killing themselves with crazy diets. ( I just wonder if you will understand my @english.
    a lot of kisses.

  3. Thankfully being vegan I don't eat much cake anyway (also due to sugar content) but ohmygosh yum!
    Silly stage 1, grr!

    Take care :)

  4. Hey
    I started when you first post on losing week, like 2 or 3 weeks ago, and I started out at 131 lbs, and went down to 125 lbs. Thanks so much for introducing me to Mr. Montignac, just 5 more pounds!

  5. Hey, it's Friday :) I am off to another kgs. Start 105,0kg, today 102,2kg. But it worries me, because fat % is still the same :( What to do??

  6. I think the thing that makes that first cake look so bad is the pan it's on. Looks dirty and rusty. I don't think I'd eat anything served on that platter.

  7. I love to eat and if food is tasty it doesn't matter how it looks :)
    Pretty look is a bonus! :D

    Love your posts and way you write! ;)

  8. sorry, forgot to leave my contact on my profile. =S

  9. Hej
    Jag tycker att du skriver så bra och är så fin men när jag läste det här inlägget blev jag riktigt besviken. Jag tycker att det hade vart jättefint om någon ansträngt sig för att göra en hjärttårta till någon!