Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Labels to be ordered

I'm ordering labels for the BatBrat clothes. Perhaps I should have worked on the label some more but I chose to go for the one I already have. Perhaps I make a cute one further on..
BatBrat logo
I really like Bibian Blue's logo. It's cute
and those cupcake people always have the cutest
I want the one I have, but a more swirly one too..but it still have to say "goth" and not cheerleader.


  1. i like your loggo :) where can i find your shop?

  2. Lovely logo! Oh yes, I would love to get to know, where I can find your shop as well. :)


  3. Oh, thanks :)
    The shop isn't up yet - since my products haven't been made yet, but you can be sure I will anounce it asap!

  4. I need to buy your image.. I'm nowhere near plastic enough to keep-up just being myself.

  5. Your logo is nice, although the fact that the text isn't aligned with bat wings (creating a hole after brat) annoys me a bit (hi fellow ocd:s o/). Why don't you add a little heart after the brat? :)

  6. I just hope there's enough of your product to go around! ;p

    i like your logo! its cute, and says exactly what it needs to! (the design, not what it actually says)