Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Montignac examples

According to the Monticnac Method the lunch should be the days fattest meal. Eat as much as you want. Here's a few examples:
Minced meat beefs, fresh spinach with grilled pears and crumbled blue cheese
Boiled and fried cauliflower with tomato, cummin, chili and curry, mushrooms, ruccola and hot sausage with high meat content.
Ruccola, green olives, cucumber, fried sausage and red onion. Rye bread with philadelphia and fried egg.
Friday lunch: oven baked paprika, onion, mushroom and pear, fillet of beef with black pepper, cream sauce with gorgonzola served with ruccola (and wine).


  1. thanks for putting this up. Would love if you could do the same for breakfast, Im always fresh out of ideas for breakfast foods.

  2. There's an awful lot of food on each plate... I'm not sure I could eat that much at once.

  3. I love that many of these menu's look like a one pan stir fry. because I HATE DOING DISHES! I can't wait for warmer weather so I can go to the farmers market to get all my veggies (and save money) oh and of course warmer weather means I can show off the weight I've lost!

  4. I'm newly became a Vegan and I of course would still want to try this diet but vegan food tends to be very low on fat over all. I mean, soy-crem is for one, and also Tofu. I wonder what I will make of it. If you have any tips pleas tell us vegans! Otherwise I'll get back to you about this when ever I get a grip of it.

    I do have a book about this method but I myself can't read it now because I currently live in Berlin and the book is back in Sweden for the moment!

    Your lunches look really delicious an healthy thou! :)

    Love, Sarah

  5. After lots of inspiration from you I began with this method last week (and lost 2,3 kilos in five days, woho!). But according to what I've read you shouldn't combine fruit with the meals? I guess I've missed something...right?

  6. Hey Adora! Thanks to you, I have lost 5 kg in 2 weeks!!! I cant belive it o_o its so awsome!!!
    So i wanted to thank you for posting Montignac recipies, advices, but more importantly, for being someone inspirational for me to follow this diet! =) Thanks so much again, I send a kiss and a big hug for you and your family
    I wish you my very best

  7. @ sarah: I'm a vegan for about 2 years. I'd tried this method and I must stadly say that it dosen't work for me. I ate 3 weeks after the methode and I lost no weigt. Ofcause you can try this and I really wish it works for you better.

    adora your my superhero.

    lots of love F.

  8. hi adoraaaa!!! I love all your work since..about 3 years (or more n_n) I have a BIIIG QUESTION :( If I'm in the school and Im hungry, ¿what should I eat? I don´t have time to go to the restuaurant or something like that between my classes. So what´s your suggestion for those who are at the school?( about 6 hrs)

  9. @sarah: I'm also a vegan, not overweight (I'm currently 63kgs) at all but wanting to trim down more and have been trying to eat via the montignac method for a while now after reading Adora's advice, though I am not yet as gorgeous and skinny as Adora I have lost weight! 7kgs in fact but still need to lose 10kgs more to get to my goal weight, which was my weight 3-4 years ago. I lost 10kgs very fast back then when I first turned vegan but then it creeped back.
    I've also been incorporating drinking lots of water, doing yoga and doing homemade green vegie juice fasts as well.
    I would say keep at it and that it will eventually work as long as you REALLY stick to it, never having sugar, white flour or white rice always checking labels as it's in everything and just making the same kind of meals as above only with high protein vegan foods like tofu, homemade seitan, mushrooms etc replacing the meat and using organic coconut oil for cooking(it has properties that assist weight loss). I would have lost more already had I not slipped up so many times struggling to find foods when out and about, finding vegan montignac take-away food is impossible!
    I would love some tips on that too!

  10. Whoohoo I started my montignac TODAY.
    It's going to be hard to fight my eating disorder, but untill now it's working.
    I know I'll probably gain some weight first, since I lived on 250kCal for about a year, but I hope I can get controll over my weight AND my mind now... Even though it's scary as hell.. (I already had 1 moment of screaming and throwing food and a lot of crying moments :P, but I'll succeed :D )
    Wish me luck!

    Venus on Drugs

  11. @snowskinmooncakes

    I'm mostly concerned with that thing about the fat thou. Vegan food do tend to be very low on fat (tofu for example) and then when I read you should eat fatty (I guess because it keeps you full longer?) I wonder what happens if you change cream and meat for soy-cream and tofu that doesn't have enormous amounts of fat in them ...


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  13. The idea is that you either eat a fat meal: carbs with a GI index till 35 with fatty food,
    or a carb meal: carbs with a GI till 50 with food with less than 1% fat per 100g.

    Best is to eat your fat meal in the afternoon.

    After a carb meal there should be at least 3 hrs till your next meal
    After a fat meal you need to wait at leat 4hrs till your next meal.

    Thats it :D

    Love and Hallucinate
    venus on drugs