Monday, April 25, 2011

Cute girl made an Adora make up video

This is just the best!
This super sweet girl made a perfect replica of the make up I wore at the modelling pictures for the jewellry from Pink Absinthe, and she really has an eye for the details. I'm very proud of the video she did.
This is Helena is Red's blog


  1. i was waiting for the tutorial and got tired of a 30 min montage of her face...i love the pink with white deer spots look tho.

  2. Ottima pubblicità per te Helena :-)

    She's soooooo wonderful!!!

  3. THANK YOU Adora! ^_^ I'm so honoured and pleased (...and super excited!) you appreciated my tribute to your beauty! :) Thank you, thank you thank you! *_*

  4. I love you even More Andora, because ( i said it before ) You are generous and loving and supportive of creativity.. so many girls here; where I live would be see this as a attack on their originality.

    Just another reason why Admiring you makes me happy. <3 Stay beautiful inside and out and cant wait to see what you post next..

    Helena did a Great job, shes looks amazing. Way to be an Inspiration Andora! <333333

  5. Helena really did a wonderful reproduction of your beautiful design! I love this look!!

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  6. The make up is wonderful, and it sure looks complicated to do. Well, she failed, and ended up with something awful.