Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Goth Martha Stewart doing some easter crafting

Ohh, I love doing crafting!
My husband have said I'm like a transsexual man, but a woman. Does it make sence?
I'm so in love with glitter, make up and sparkly things I should make a hell of a tranny, and I do think I am a tranny at heart. So, when it comes to crafting I just bring my inner tranny out and dive into the sea of glitter.
My easter crafting.
I had to make some new sugar eggs and hearts because my dad fell in love with the ones I made before and took them all home with him. So cute!
I made a faux sugar egg.
Cut out the panorama window (remember: a goth should never use a razorblade without supervison).
Paint it white, then paint it with glue and roll it in sugar.
Inside: paint it in pink, then with glue and sprinkle it with fab pink glitter. Glue the egg together. Put in some moss, cut out figurines and decorate it with royal icing. Ta-daa!
 Admire the cut out chandelier I put in. My rabbit is kind of upper class ;)
 My white rabbit is two mirror images of a sweet little bunny, cut out and then glued on both sides of a cardboard paper. Glue the sides and dip it in glitter. Make it stand by adding cross sections of hard paper.
 A close up on my real sugar eggs i molded and then decorated with royal icing (make a bunch of icing flowers and put in a jar to always have decorations ready. Lasts a year).

The blue rabbits are made by making a boll of royal icing. Let set for a few seconds while you add an edible pearl as a tail, then make a ball as the rabbits head. Quickly press down a white sprinkle heart as ears and a smaller pearl as the nose. Paint on the eyes with black caramel color or melted chocolate.
 My baby chicken is made out of marzipan, have a golden pearl as a beak and painted eyes in caramel color. What is it with small things that i so fascinating? For me it is the feeling of pretending I'm a giant!


  1. love all your goodies!
    Can you please post the recipe for the icing you make everything out of? Or do you buy it premade?

  2. You've inspired me to make Easter cakes or cookies or something ^_^

  3. Ohh, how pretty! I have never seen Easter decorations like that.

  4. I totally love this! You are an amazing crafter. I love glitter too...I totally get the tranny in hiding thing...I just never looked at it this way. I love this reminds me to keep crafting and not just sewing the clothes I design. Hearts, Janna Lynn

  5. Jag är stum av beundran! Så pilligt att jag hade tröttnat inom en sekund :o))

  6. THIS
    AMAZING !!


  7. "...My husband have said I'm like a transsexual man, but a woman."

    That's because you have fake tits, no curves and an excessive amount of make-up on at all times.

  8. marzipan animals!!! yummmmmmm
    very cute sugar eggs. if I had that much patience and glitter I would make some too!

  9. aww that´s almost TOO cute!! and the patience you must have... phew... I also recognize the "trannie trapped inside a womens body"-thing... love glitter! almost want to snort glitter :D

  10. Wow, I'm super impressed!