Monday, April 11, 2011

Gothic item: fishnet pantyhose

One of the first items bought as a little aspiering goth was a pair of classic fishnet stockings. They costed a small fortune back in the days, but it was worth every penny. I did everything in them, and I mean EVERYTHING! We were the best of friends; laughing and planning for world domination. Then the bitch left me for a pair of PU pants..

The classic fishnet pantyhose is a must in a goth girls wardrobe. Always start out with a classic pair, then add some with bigger nets as well.

if you get a hole in them, just transform them to German stockings (it's what me and my friends calls ripped stockings)
if you get a hole in the groin, just do as we all do: cut off the feets, put your head through the groin, in with the arms in the legs and the waist below your breasts. See, even (I assume: rich) Lady Gaga does it. I think goths do it better though..

AND - you are never bored with a pair of fishnets ;)


  1. I love fishnet! I just bought two pairs, one to make as a fishnet sweather/long gloves and one to use at the legs..except that I failed when making the first to a half I had to throw it I need a pair for my legs! :)

  2. Love your tutorials and tips. I mostly wear ripped stockings in layers, and fishnet is good on top to keep it all in place;) btw what is PU pants?

  3. I have a few ishnet things -mostly ripped. Like amalie said - layering ripped stockings are a good look.

    And I have noticed tons of cyber shops selling 'tight tops' doing the method you describe - cutting a hole in the groin to make a head-hole & using the legs of the tights for arms!

  4. Fishnets are an absolute must! In all sizes and all colors. :) Stockings and shirts!!

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  5. Yes.. so true fishnets are essential! I have a classic pair and tons of other different styles I really like the fence net ones. Fishnets make every pair of legs sexy.

  6. Fishnets are so ugly!I don`t understand why goths likes it!? I think its very unsexy and looks realy bad and tacky!

  7. Ciaoo c'è un premio sul mio blog per te ( spero di farti felice ) ^_^ Vieni a festeggiare!

  8. Dear Anonymous,
    Beauty is subjective.

  9. Fishnets are cool if worn properly. Here they're often associated with fat goth sluts with little brains and lots of alcohol in blood. XDD Just because they wear it all the time without knowing ANY basic rules of good taste.

    But tights like this can be a perfect addition to an outfit.

    And thanks for the game tip, got to try it at the next History of Journalism class ^__~

  10. Oh, I say YES to fishnet. Best stuff to wear on hot summer :)

    A Gothic give away

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