Sunday, April 24, 2011

My darlings birthday cake

2 hours before the party began he decided it would be nice to have a birthday cake, and as the good wife I am I of course made him one :)
I didn't have the time to bake him a sponge cake so I had to BUY one! It's like selling your soul to the Devil. Ah, what the heck, I of course did that years ago...
He turned 42, but on his invitations he said it was a kids party so that's why it says 4,2 years and I tried to make it a bit boy'ish. I filled it with whipped cream with vanilla as well as strawberries.
I'm no fan of birthday cakes, but I must say - this was good *yeah, keep blowing your own horn, fake Martha Stewart*


  1. It still looks great though!

  2. It has serious homemade charm ;)

  3. Gawd, you pipe all the icing yourself?! You have mad skills, girl!