Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm leaving the country!

Tomorrow me and my GORGEOUS sister Jenni  will go by train, train, speak another language, and then train to a flight, go down, fly some more, speak another language, go by bus then by train, then by foot, then enter a hotel, then go to sleep.

I've been asked to do this trip before, but I always turned it down, but this time I asked if I could bring my pretty sister and they were super happy to have us both!
Two pretty faces are always better than one.
We are going to be models for the X-tra-x catalogue. For those who do no know: X-tra-x is the biggest goth store in Germany (to my knowledge) and also have a great online shop.
They used to have very cool girls and boys in their big catalogue that one could drool over.
This will be fun!


  1. Very exciting my friend. Very exciting. I thought perhaps you two lovelies were coming to visit my gingerbread house in St Louis, Missouri, USA.. Where I can eat you. hehehehe, love ya..


  2. Hello, Lovely!

    You´re right, X-tra-x is the biggest goth-store here in Germany but... it also got a really bad reputation. It´s cheap, yes, but the clothes and nearly everything they sell have an awfull quality, you have to fix them all the time. So, here in Germany, only the 16 year old baby-goth wear x-tra-x clothes, just because their cheap (and that explaines why the sizes are getting smaller and smaller).
    And the models in the catalogue, most of them regret their decision, nearly everyone can be in that catalogue. I know some of them and their reputation went down with modelling for these company.
    Don´t give your beautifull face for these crap! And either should do your lovely sister! You are a designer, you should stand for high quality.
    I guess it´s too late to cancel but I thought you should know that before you leave.
    Send you and your cute sister a big kiss! <3

  3. hej adora!
    sounds really gorgeous! but where do you go in germany? ;D

  4. Oh great! So next time I'll be in Berlin (I go there at least once a year) I'll get my nth cathalogue but It will be the best one so far if you'll be on it as a super gorgeous model! :D

  5. oh my god, i hate x-tra-x they fucked me over so many times .. its unbelievable, also their quality is crappy

  6. Thumbs up! Looking forward to some hot pics!

  7. omg! that's great!!
    so i can see you in the next cathalogue *~*

  8. I don't like x-tra-x too much (since I'm no longer a goth, and even back then I just ordered jewellery from them and that only once, which took ages to be send to me *lol*), but I'll like to see your pictures in it! :) Hope, you two will be having fun! greetz

  9. Hey Adora,

    it´s great you got that job and jenni of course too.

    I never had the problems with XtraX the others are telling about.

    The quality of the clothes is okay. I know much more shops where you get more crappy clothes and sometimes these ones cost even much more. Crazy!

    I think you will do a very good job XD


    I hope XtraX has bought pretty goth girl clothes you both can show!!!

    Hehe, one question referring to your last post.

    Does XtraX know that you have green hair now ;-)

    I hope they like it too.

    Greetz from Germany

  10. Pretty faces in the catlogue!!! YEAH! Have a good trip to Germany dear!