Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is it really true?! Finally?

I can barely think it...but after weeks and weeks trying to find the right laces for the ruffle on my Adorable Heart Blouse and the lace for the Victorian Collar I finally today made a deal with a company in China!
On pictures below not the designed garment in right fabric, but my own first homemade version of the blouse. The originals will be made by professional seamstresses.
I have been very specific with what kind of lace I want so it's been worth the extra effort since I'm tying to make my blouses a bit more goth "high fashion".
But to find the materials have been hell! Sweden's got no business for better chiffons and laces so I've had to search the entire world.
Only for the blouse there is materials from: Sweden, Turkey, Germany, England and finally China. Who'd know it would be so difficult to try making designed clothes?

Only one thing left which I haven't found: the black cotton crochet lace around the collar. I've found the exact copy in white.. If I'd found it in China they had been able to color it black for me (if I buy 1000 meters), but I have not found that exact design there :(
This is the original style:
but since it's nowhere to be found I'd have to use the best I can find right now, and I do think it will work:



  1. Have you tried looking for custom lace manufacturers? If you can't find the lace then maybe you can get someone to make it according to your example? I don't know how the whole manufacturer search works, it all seems a bit sketchy to me. But here's one that I ran into after a quick search, they take custom designs. Of course the required order is a lot.

  2. Is there a way that they could take the white lace and dye it black? Or maybe that would cost too much or something. X_X

    Anyway, it's a great top. I hope it all goes well!

  3. It would probably take a lot of research (and translation), but many Lolita brands have their own custom lace made in all colors. Angelic Pretty is the most notable one I can think of (cotton candy, ice cream, and bunny lace with AP woven into it) If you want custom lace and you're planning on mass production, maybe you can find out where they get theirs?

  4. UNDERBART! Längtar tills den går att köpa

  5. Couldn't you dye the white lace black if you find a good black dye for clothes?


  6. Adora Hi I am from Croatia among other things in our country has a long tradition of making lace, the most famous lace produced by the island of Pag. I think it would have been nice to test maybe to find something you like. By the way I really like your blog, just continue <3

  7. Jag håller fullständigt med dig. Spetsarna är klumpiga och vill man ha tyll så finns bara den där stela som lika gärna kunde användas som hönsnät. Men helt otippat så hittade jag supertunna och fina spetsar i en affär i lilla Avesta bla svart, den ser ut som gammal handknypplad. Skulle vara intressant att höra var de har hittat den.
    Din blus är ju så himla fin. Lycka till med designen. /Therese

  8. you might want to look at shops in the netherlands. I know I have seen such lace in different stores ever since i started making clothing. And i also know of umbrellas with such lace, where the lace is called 'belgium lace'. So mb they make the stuff?

  9. make sure the instructions to the seamstress for making the blouses are in detail! my tailoring teacher says some places in china don't go to much effort if you haven't told them to do everything well- like laying out the pattern on the straight grain (makes it fit better and look better; basically the difference between a designer garment and a cheap one that doesnt sit right.)

    good luck!