Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ready to make a run for it!

The nice Police men gave me the idol picture back today so I can show it in different countrys to show them how beautiful I am ;)

It comes in handy to have one of these if you all of a sudden needs to flee the country, like, say if you accidentally stumble on your plateau shoes behind a person out in a dark park while holding a small razor blade in your hand and just  "oops, slice the neck clean off". This can look really bad in the media, so it can be smart to leave for a few years depending on the statute of limitations and let things calm down before you get back.
You know, it CAN  happen like that...
Who can look good in one of theese....hahaha
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  1. Dear lord, ID photos are supposedly unflattering but it sure doesn't apply for you. I've been contemplating "losing" my ID just so I can get a new picture taken ._.;

  2. I think we aren't even allowed to wear much make up on our pass port pictures. But yours actually look really good :D
    I wish my passport picture was so awesome ^^

  3. Oh! In Brazil we can't take pictures for documents with make up and head accessories.
    They'd kick my ass and tell me to come back another day.
    You look great in the pictures!!
    As usual...
    I would love to have my document pictures wearing my make up.

  4. Oh you even look amazing on ID photos!

  5. I agree with all girls above! You look amazing!
    In my country, also, they wouldn't allow this "much" makeup and accessories. Your passport is such a fun (and beautyful)!

  6. Omg, i wish my ID card was this good, i always look like... well, lets just say, not good.

  7. You look younger in your new pass :)

  8. I think it's different in all countries. You just have to have a recognizable photo. I think it would be hard to believe that it the same person if you would be very plane on you passport photo and wearing heavy make up in a real life. :D

    Gothically yours

  9. I miss ur old faceee
    like less eyeliner under ur eye and stuff.. i miss ur pink hair :'(

  10. i think her make up improved. but i also miss her pink hair soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.